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The DiseaseCycle

“How can this happen to me?”

“I don’t deserve this…”

“I’ve been so careful all my life and then this??”

These are the typical reactions when one discovers that they got discovered with a disease. A cirrhosis of the liver, a kidney failure, a heart attack, a tumour, Diabetes, PCOD and so on. What we don’t realise is that “dis-ease” was really the 3rd stage of a series of events which started long before we reached here.

The stage before “dis-ease” is really “un-ease”. We were feeling uneasy since a long time already. I’m having indigestion very frequently, I get a swelling in my legs and my body, I get tired very quickly these days, my periods are always late, I feel weakness all the time…but we always shrugged it off as just another one-off event like so many others in our lives. This unease needs to be addressed at the right time to prevent going to stage 3 of disease.

But the stage even before “un-ease” is the obsession with an “easy life” - I get up when I want to, I sleep when I want to, I eat when I want to, I eat what I want to, I go to the toilet when I want to, I exercise when I want to, I drink what I want to…I like it “easy going”. And over time this easy going mindset keeps adding up. It’s ok when we are 21 and 25 and 29 years old. But the moment the thirties and forties start creeping in, this stage 1 very quickly moves to stage 2 and then stage 3.

Though it might seem difficult, but in reality it’s the stage 1 that’s the easiest to fix. And then stage 2 - with a little help and guidance it can be fixed. But when you reach stage 3, that’s when it becomes the most difficult to reverse. We need more effort than stage 1 & 2 combined as well as the pain we have to go through, not to speak of the uncertainty that looms ahead.

The 22nd century will not be about the problem of poverty and less. It will be riddled with the problem of excess and more. If we can just build the right habits for a healthier life, we can enjoy the more even better.

Find someone who believes in the same philosophy and team up with them.

Together, it’s easier…

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